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even-even soccer equipment network with Real Madrid Champions League final final ascent and down the curtain, wearing the Nike soccer shoes C Ronaldo scored two of the night has become the Real Madrid to win the number one hero. After the game, NikeFootball Po a C photo on the social platform, with This , Boy Knew, and the bright Nike Swoosh. but released a few hours in this message, it caused a media sensation, the reason is this picture of the artwork by the media picked out in the original photo and when C Lo dress is a dress printed with Adidas trademark. Is this a Nike PR opportunistic? Or did American companies make a big mistake? The Nike Po what is this a picture behind the real reason? Perhaps Nike is to think through this photo to challenge Adidas? Or they already have to take their first campaign right? Or are they deliberate in order to lead to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping broader discussions? No matter what the real purpose of Nike is, they all take a good part in this seemingly unfair competition. The credit goes to C Luo, without his excellent play, and Nike also has no brag capital.| handball handball Olympic reserve talent base awarding ceremony held in Beijing | hand Co Luca in October 10th, the National Olympic handball talent base and the traditional signature ceremony of school handball in the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song meeting room. Beijing City Sports Bureau, Sports Bureau of Liaoning Province, Shanxi Province Sports Bureau leaders and 4 listed unit leaders attended the signing ceremony. for the training of elite handball talents, according to the hand curved rod base 2009 word document No. 132 requirements, the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song in July 2009 launched a national handball Olympic reserve talent base finds work on reserve talents base finds a way and a group of experts on the part of the reporting unit carried out a careful assessment. According to the results of examination, found in Shanxi City Sports School in Jinzhong Province, Shenyang city middle school fifth 2 units for the 2010-2013 year national handball Olympic reserve talent base, Jinzhong city Yuci District Shouan in primary school, Beijing Yucai School 2 units for 2010-2013 years China traditional school handball handball association. The handcrank and softball center will inspect and examine other reporting units in the near future. In the spirit of maturity, we must develop a principle and spirit, and gradually identify the reserve talents base and handball traditional schools, and speed up the cultivation of high-level handball talents. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Winston will not attend the end of April | NFL Draft scene ESPN reported that this year the legendary champion show hot - Winston (Jameis Winston) jiemingsi father said that his son will not participate in the Chicago scene of the draft. The draft will not begin until April 30th, this decision is not final judgement. and the last champion Wilkinson didn't come to the scene. It was Ohio State University Wilkinson Dan Wilkinson, who was picked up by the Cincinnati tigers in 1994. graduated from the Florida State University Winston is the year 2013 Heisman winner (Heisman Trophy), he will fly to New York in the near future to visit union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) and other officials.Will it snow even-even football equipment network if you have previously seen on the standard version of Adidas Telstar 18 of the knowledge, so this time the bright winter edition is just the color on the update. If you know Telstar for the first time; 18, let's introduce you to the star of the 2018 Russian World Cup again. now Telstar 18 of the spherical pieces more angular. The new long spherical structure makes the physical movement of the ball more flexible. The longer the tangent between the spheres, the more stable the sphere is flying in the air. NFC chips are embedded in the ball for the first time, and this is the first Adidas football that can interact perfectly with the user. By interaction, each football will produce a unique identification code that unlocks the exclusive content and information for the user. The fingertips touch the mobile screen to unlock the interesting experience, which is also Telstar 18 is a wonderful place to distinguish the design of the past.

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