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Football | twelfth week night game preview: the Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles competition is fierce night game also saw the packers. After the red skin last week, do the packers want to give the East team a warm return? After a wave of 4 consecutive defeats, the packers and the playoffs were a little farther away from the playoffs, and the game was very important if they wanted to hit the playoffs. Philadelphia hawks 5 wins 5 of the negative record currently leads the NL East last season, the tragic killing in the East, the season unanimously, all of the winning team have reached 5. The hawk runs to Ruian - Mathews, though not surprisingly, is always conscientious and conscientious. In four games Monday night games in the past, he scored a total of 4 touchdowns, including the second week of the season with the bears when 2 touchdowns. , as we said at the beginning, this wee cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k's wrapper and the hawk will be the key to the season's playoffs. The Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made 71 successful passes in the past two week and night games, 67.6% pass success rate, 660 yards pass number and 8 pass passes, 1 times were cut off, and the pass score is as high as 134.7. Whenever Rodgers is always an important part of the absolute wrapper, he plays a vital role. (new body) The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Dan - Marino: Brady is always the best football | Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has had enough of his supporters that he is always one of the best quarterbacks in history. Miami dolphins pass four quarterback Dan Marino (Dan Marino) recent first TV interview about deflation, he said that there was a problem of the new England patriots ball is not enough to influence the American League champion Brady won the 2014. he said: I have been Brady's fans, is always, I know him for many years, I think he is one of the greatest players in this position, this has not changed. Marino also said that as a quarterback he needs to consider more than the pressure of the ball. He also said that before he retired in 1999 he didn't know that the League was going to check the ball before the game. He explained, "you start training on Friday, and pick up a smooth ball for me. It's very natural for me. I don't care if I check the ball before the game. I just put it in the bag and take it to the gym, so it's so simple. Marino also said that now there is a big difference from now. Now many teams need quarterback to get the route of the team without adjusting the ball, so that's why he doesn't think it's necessary to check the ball before the match.After 's big contract on von Miller (Von Miller), Super Bowl champion Denver Mustang's next thing to do is to choose the first quarterback. looks like Sylvester Williams, the defensive interception, that it's done well. He believes that the veteran Mark - Sanchez will win the second grade four waight Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) - Lynch and rookie Paxton (Paxton Lynch) to become the first, his reason is largely due to head coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) in the offseason to convey the message during. , "now, they are preparing for three people as much as they do, so I don't think anyone has an advantage now, because they haven't continued to get the chance to take the advantage," Williams said on Wednesday. "But I think, before the start of training camp, I think the coach Kubiak has let us know that he is ready to choose Mark and give Mark the chance to see what he can do, and then use it as the start." ?????????????????????3????????????????????????????????-???????John Elway?????????I??????????????????????? But if you choose Kubiak only team NFL played quarterback as a starter is not surprising. Sanchez started his career 72 times and was 4 - 2 in the playoffs and 2 to the United States Championships. The answers to these long-standing questions will soon be unveiled by when the wild horse will start the pre season in August 11th.At present, Jamaal Jamaal, the chief executive of Kansas, has completed the right cruciate ligament repair operation. The best case is coming back next season, Jamaal. coach Andy Reed (Andy Reid), the team coach on Wednesday, said that all the progress of the operation was very smooth. The team's official Instagram also released pictures of Jamal in the hospital. this Sunday the Emirates will face Pittsburgh Steelers challenge.

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