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Even even football equipment net news England national team and Nike announced 2014 new season home and away jerseys, historical and cultural shirt design focused on England, and carrying the new technology innovation. "for the national Jersey design invented the sport is our glory." Martin ·, Nike's global creative director, said Loti. "We hope to use a shirt to pay tribute to the flashing points in England's football history." has a classic style away kit combines the history of technology innovation and the team has a long history, which has become a national symbol of jersey. "since the 1966 World Cup championship dressed in a red shirt, red shirt has become the symbol of England." Loti said. "In the preparation period of the new event, we hope to use some technical innovations to pay tribute to the classics." New Jersey is very detailed. In order to maximize the invisibility of the St Georges cross, the material on the front of the shirt has been the same to the neckline. On the back of the collar, different textures are used. The iconic logo embroidery made using satin gloss effect, badges underlying the use of ordinary white than white, under ultraviolet light, the true to life. The triangle label inside the collar is the red St Georges cross. in addition to allow players to keep dry, Nike's designers throu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gh the integrated use of recycled polyester and cotton, Nike designers to create a new double-layer knitted fabric, the fabric has good moisture absorption performance, soft, and very fit. Chicago bears center Roberto Garza (Roberto Garza) this week to participate in all training all. This is the 14 year old for the first time since the first week after an ankle injury in training. At the moment, he is likely to start the game with the Atlanta falcons this week. Bears coach Marco - tres Altman (Marc Trestman) said: "he is very close to a comeback. He took part in all the training today, and we'll see it for a few more days. " The team announced last week, if can be detected by Garza will start the game. But ultimately let the veteran Blaine - delapp gornt (Brian De La Puente) to start. In the absence of Garza 4 weeks, Puente has been as a starter. According to reports, the bears have 7 players missed training on Wednesday: running back Matt (Matt Forte), forty left Jiefeng gimooo - Bush Rhodes (Jermon Bushrod), Wei Xia - Maikelailin line (Shea McClellin), D.J. Williams (D.J. Williams) - Jon postic (Jon Bostic) and Lance Briggs (Lance Briggs), Safetys O Ma De Dixon (Ahmad Dixon).Beijing time, at 8:30 a.m. on October 12th, 49 people in San Francisco came to New York to challenge the giants. The competition was very fierce, the score of the two sides rose alternately, and the last time even staged a killing and an anti - killing. Total score: 49 people 27:30 New York giant. Both sides of the opened the attack and the first section failed to achieve a free kick from each other. After entering the second quarter, the giants took the lead into the break the deadlock, star quarterback Eli Manning (Eil Manning) led the team to run with, steadily, finally pass to running back Sean - vering (Shane Vereen) completed a 2 yard touchdown. The 49 person is still in the state, and 2 minutes less, and was shot by the giants. Fortunately, in the first half of the season, there was 3 minutes when 49 people finished a shot again, and the score was closer to 6-13. At this time, Manning opened the unique pattern, promote each other to the red zone from the 20 yards in just 3 minutes, but the last few seconds touchdown was challenge cornerback Trevor Bullock (Tramaine Brock) - Main steals, 49 people escaped unharmed. in the second half of the 49 finally wake up and stop the giant wave of offensive, quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) is the first international security - Boulding took over the veteran long (Anquan Boldin) to succeed, then continuously used brute surface propulsion scored the giant red zone, finally still by Capet Boulding 4 yards short of Nick wing array, to chase the score 13-13. Since then, the group began performing defensive moments, but Manning finished Pactrometer, open again matchless, less than 3 minutes in the last wave of advance, under the interference of short throwing star Odell - Beckham external (Odell Beckham), the latter by the defender and the speed into the end zone to complete a 17 yard touchdown. The game in the fourth quarter, 49 people also continue to promote the pass and move not resigned to playing second fiddle, Nick Capet, and finally by the road pass to Garrett - Crick (Garrett Celek) completed a 5 yard touchdown, tying the score again. And the giant team quarterback Manning still good state, but unfortunately in the last few attacks in the red area failed to reach, 3 points shot end. the last 2 minutes and 44 seconds, 49 people spent just half a minute, 5 ground push 1 passes, then attack to the giant in front of 4 yards, 2 minutes after the official suspended, the main running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) sudden strong middle touchdown counter ultra 4 points left in the game, at 1:15. The giants quarterback Manning want to win more consecutive passes forward, by the end of 84, near the end Larry - Dunaer (Larry Donnell) in the 2 defenders holding under 12 yards receiving touchdowns! The last 17 seconds, 49 failed to organize an effective attack, regret to leave. eventually, the giants killed 49 people with 30-27 in the last 1 minutes and won at home.The official website of NFL | Maikaodibu hope a long time playing cornerback | football the new England patriots want German - Mccati (Devin McCourty) value can be more diversified, the team in the offseason to arrange as cornerback. But the occupation level safetys bowl said, as long as you don't want this position. Mccati said, he will not panic because as a cornerback, but his best position or safety: I hope this is not a long-term decision. in marking the New Orleans saints wide receiver Brandon Coleman (Brandon Coleman) in the process of Maikaodi break a pass to the end zone pass. But in the mark (Brandin Cooks) - brandyn Cousteau, let the opponent 2 times the ball is 7 yards and 45 yards respectively. Mccati said: "this is my first time as a corner guard, and I don't feel very good." Let's see what will happen later. In the loss of Darrel - ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis), Brandon (Brandon Browner) and Kell Bronner (Kyle Arrington) - Arlington, patriots cornerback position has been very weak. This offseason, the team and the Maikaodi for a period of 5 years, the new $47 million 500 thousand contract agreement. The team naturally wants the money they have paid to receive a greater return.

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