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when it comes to training, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) "never end" is we have to mention. He always tries to push himself to a better state. Maybe that's why he is the most suitable champion for Nike this time "never to end". , the Star Horn guard has said that he is the best corner guard on the NFL court. But in advertising, he didn't mention this way. Instead, he changed the way: "is Sherman the best guard?" the whole advertisement by comedian Damon Wayans Jr (Damon Wayans Jr), cornerback in the video he tried to play Sherman as arrogant instead of their own life, to prove that he is "stronger than anyone" , we can't help laughing, because he used Sherman style tone and almost the same shape to finish Sherman's speech on some team's opponents, and how to block his opponent's defensive area. Sherman is really very suitable for the "never ending" theme. He is a very diligent man on the court and outside the court. He will spend a lot of time in the video room to study his quarterback. He is the "never ending" man.NFL????|?????? We are the creators of th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e times! | football in the winter of 1997, Heisman award ceremony, two young people in Western dress and leather shoes of different goat showed expression, Mr. Hu slightly smile on the stage winners will be high, Mr. brow head buried knees, two people at this time never thought the long occupation career will be from as the starting point. A high forehead Mr. football family, has basic technology of abnormal solid, is difficult to meet ten years of genius and Hu quarterback; goat is powerful defender, even to catch and return, the occupation football thriving waiting for them to save this generation. save two word solution? Paul Taliabu became head of NFL, the new law, this little man is not good at marketing, but the rapid development of television industry that NFL earned pours, annual income to calculate million, occupation players no longer have to worry about their livelihood, but for a change of the law and a more fertilizer record contract. But the record and salary record compared to NFL star making ability has to step back, Joe - Montana and Jim - Kelly has just retired, Steve young, Dan Marino, Troy Ekman and John elvy and others have been old, only the very influential Bret faffe uncle to support the overall NFL, need a group of young blood. therefore, high forehead into 98 years to draft the Indianapolis, goatee is the fourth place to the bay area, of course, is not the only male talent to get some attention to the same effect, father NFL, big three difficult work hard to become the Boston College first, the future will be shaved bald, or short time the quarterback was selected head packers in the sixth round, as Favre uncle bench. time is an honest friend, and time is an awe - worthy enemy. The five season, a high forehead from the highest single season steals record, continuouslydevelopment pass, until the break a spell, become the league's top quarterback, and the tall??stately and handsome Tom Brady became Yu Liang; Hu, make no reply to goats in the Bay Area leveling, as previously predicted, he gave a convincing Report in the lateral angle and groove angle guard guard position on the first four career were selected in a selected occupation bowl, also a season, even before the high forehead reached the super bowl. Even more amazing is the head, three seasons in Green Bay frustrated after the switch to the Seahawks packers Godfather Mike Holmgren will head to Mr. big northwest of Seattle, after two seasons of competition, Mr. head even beat Trent Dilf to sit on the first! During the 2001 season, the pony was high.The New Jersey not only embodies the logo design of Nike, but also provides performance innovation, technology and sustainable environmental protection for the players. Nike Dri-FIT technology absorbs sweat from the body to the outer surface of the shirt and evaporates quickly. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.In the 2012 season, Doug Martin (Doug Martin), the rookie, reaped the first break of his career. But since then, he seems to have been unable to get back to the state of the time. Martin missed most of the games last season because of a shoulder injury. This season, another 2 games have been lost because of a knee injury. Even if he was able to play, his performance could not satisfy the fans. In a word, now Martin doesn't look good. in the last 7 games, Martin has failed to perform any more than a hundred yards. In the 3 games he played this season, he didn't even have more than 50 yards in the number of punches. This question cannot be simply blamed for the unfavourable opening of the pirates in Tampa Bay, and Martin himself must bear the responsibility. The data showed that Martin had 37 shots and 6 shots this season, but only 3 missed escapement. This data is only thirty-ninth of the 43 runners at least 25% of the team's attack. even so, coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) is still planned for this week to stick with Martin. Martin himself believed that he was not far away from the outbreak. He said on the team's official website: "those doldrums are in the past, we are trained very seriously and everyone is willing to take responsibility for their teammates. I am looking forward to our future performance and I will continue to work hard to do anything I can do. " The pirate's opponent this week will be the Baltimore raven, whose run is currently in the League eighth.

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