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The official website of NFL | veteran defensive end was cut 9 years career end | football giants , another veteran of the team for many years, became the victim of a wage cap on Tuesday. New York giant announced that it would cut off defensive end front, Mathias Kiwanuka. The 31 year old Jiwannuka 9 years of occupation career spent in the giant, and help the team won 2 Super Bowl champion. In the 9 years of the Jiwannuka position has been moving back and forth between the defensive end and outside linebacker. Macias has a warrior spirit, said Jerry - Rees, the general manager. For the team he has been the best team player from the team, the first day is a real occupation player. And coach Tom Coughlin said. What he has always impressed me is his serious attitude to the game. He's always ready to be good, and he has been working very hard all the time. He has a strong spirit. His character and professionalism will always be kept in mind. , the defender, has been put in a list of injuries due to his knee injury after 11 games last season. He had had 28 escapement in the 558 debut. Kiwane Nur C's performance last season has been a big step back before he ended up with a knee injury. The giant will make up $4 million 825 thousand in wage cap space through the layoffs. I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n 2013, Kiwane Nur C was forced to accept a pay drop before he was able to stay in the team, and this time he was not so lucky.The official website of NFL | Fisher: don't expect anyone to be fined | football Saint Louis rams were lost to the New York giants last week, when the two sides had a dispute, causing a few players to scuffle together. The referee will eventually be related players ejected, William - Hayes (Williams Hayes) is the only players sent off in the rams. ram Geoff, Jeff Fisher, has expressed his view on this matter: if our players were fined for this matter, I would be very surprised. I don't want to see such a thing happen, but I also don't want anyone to be fined. Fisher said at the same time, Alec Aogeteli (Alec Ogletree) is the only possible reason is a fine player, but in fact he was not at fault. During the game, Aug Terry still grabbed the Odell Odell (Beckham Beckham) out of the border after the giant took the lead, and this action also led to the subsequent chaos. Fisher said: it seems that Alec is the guilty party, but the fact is not. Odell was pulling his face and pulled him out of bounds. In this case, it is difficult to stop his body collision can hardly be avoided. As a coach, Fisher is always on the side of the team.Beijing time on the morning of August 12th, the new England patriots in the first preseason game with a 34:22 win over the New Orleans saints, the Patriots quarterback Jimmy Poirot No. two - Caroline (Jimmy Garoppolo) the first play, performance highs, the overall state of the field is strong, he passed 18 11 with 168 yards, neither pass there is no interception touchdown. the game includes rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) and Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), several other patriots offensive team will also lead to the absence of the main, Caroline Poirot into the state of slow before the three wave attack to punt ended, a total of just 21 yards. But from the fourth wave of attack, attack the Patriot group of state began straight up, Caroline Poirot first found outside over Aaron Dobson (Aaron Dobson), followed by a short run to find James White Wei (James White), the latter after the ball all the way down in the end zone 56 yards before the line after 1 yards another run Sergio Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) to complete the rushing touchdowns. then Poirot continued their steady state Caroline, continuous help advance to finish patriot shooting area and gradually widen the gap. President Poirot on the court the Patriot flagship short attack, thirty minutes before every offensive to promote the number only 5.9 yards.Olives: Super Bowl America will eat 1 billion 300 million chicken wings! A total weight of more than 16 million 250 thousand pounds chicken wings are the most favorite when Americans look at the Super Bowl in the United States, whether or not it is a fan or not, it has long been a tradition of the United States to enjoy the super bowl. According to the U. S. retail alliance, more than 180 million of the Americans will watch the fiftieth NFL Super Bowl in the morning of February 8th Beijing time. is a very exciting match, so how do Americans spend the day on the super bowl? party If you are in the United States , whether you will host a Super Bowl party like the other 43 million 300 thousand people? If not, you can also participate in a party like the other 70 million people (data from the US retail Union's in-depth analysis and Research on Super Bowl consumption). With the rapid development of digital media, the televised video of fans has been more and more clear. The sales volume of TV in the US is very impressive on the eve of Super Bowl. About 8 million 700 thousand new TVs will find their buyers in the near future. statistics show that the total spending of Americans in the super bowl can even reach a double 11 level -- 15 billion 500 million dollars, and on average, everyone will spend 82.19 dollars on food, decoration and team costumes. The meaning of the super bowl has been far more than one entertainment, and it is a great stimulus to the economy. drink Nelson of the US market survey company has 2000 to 21 year old (legal drinking age) the drinking habits of Americans over the Super Bowl conducted a poll, the results It is as expected: 53% of respondents said they would drink beer and watch the game, choose to drink wine and spirits of the people accounted for 27%, and 8% respectively and 12% of the respondents chose the wine and flavored malt beverage. food is the same as Thanksgiving Day. Most people will suspend their diet plan and ignore the calories on the table. Very few people will care about how much potato chips or chicken wings they have eaten. Food has always been a popular topic on the Super Bowl day. Especially after losing a game by a supporting team, they turn their attention to all kinds of snacks, which can definitely forget the distress of losing. Below is food related statistics: - the whole American Hotel will receive 48 million takeout orders on the day of Super Bowl --1200 million Americans will go to a restaurant or bar to watch the game 〉

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