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Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) arrested for misdemeanor charges not incident in the defense in the last year. As part of the plea agreement, was sentenced to a year of probation, during which he had to take a course in alcohol and anger management. In addition, he was asked to pay a fine of $1500, to submit a letter of apology to his officer to arrest him and to complete a 80 hour community service. , who was arrested in the morning of December 31st last year, was accused of beating a patrol and involved in a bar fight. He paid $5000 bail and was released on the same day. Before reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor, Boykin was in the face of a possibility of being accused of attacking public officials, a three - level accusation. after being caught, he could not attend due to violation of team rules in the Alamo bowl of Dezhou Christian university. He was not selected in the draft in April this year, he was subsequently signed by the Seattle seahawks.The o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fficial website of NFL | before the horse player: Rivers Bimanning closer to | football offensive tackle Orlando Franklin (Orlando Franklin) after playing for the Denver Broncos in the 4 season, this offseason as a free agent to join with rival San Diego lightning. In a recent interview, Franklin compared the quarterback of two teams: Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers). Franklin said: my first impression was that Rivers Bimanning more approachable. I don't know if it's because I met Manning when I was younger, and I met Rivers when I was more mature. In a word, it was my feeling that Rivers was a more approachable teammate. is a similar story in recent years. Manning is one of the greatest quarterback in history. His leadership and performance on the court are unquestionable. In the face of media, he can always handle properly. In private, however, Manning seemed to have the same way of being a man, and he was more independent. Rivers has always been the absolute core of the lightning field, and he has a good relationship with all his teammates. He is a straightforward character in the dressing room is more popular. Although Rivers was beset by trade rumors during the off-season, Franklin's speech still respected and loved the core quarterback.The official website of NFL and Newton through concussion check process is expected to play the next game, football nest The Carolina Panther will return to the urgent needs of the players in the next game. quarterback Newton (Cam Newton) - cam has passed the concussion inspection process, obtained permission to participate in the next game against the New Orleans saints. Newton suffered a concussion in the defeat to the Atlanta falcons, and then he missed the game for the pirates in Tampa Bay. He was listed in the injury list as unsure whether to fight or not, and the manager of Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Newton should be able to play unless he was injured again. Newton does not have to say much about the value of the team. In Newton's absence, the Panther's attack team looked different in the last match. The current record is only 1 - 4, and the leopard, who will face the division again in the next game, needs their leader to return to their climbs. in the last round against the saints, Newton completed 5 touchdown passes to lead the team to win 41-38. In the three game against the saints game in the past, Newton pass rate reached 65.7%, 872 yards and 10 touchdowns only 1 passes were made steals ball. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.(original title: This is NFL football sorrow: leveraging the Chinese market for many years, only to be reminded of the day) Yao Ming led the brightest celebrities to watch the super bowl. The images of this article are from the visual Chinese map if you're not in the midfield performance after turning off the TV or broadcast, Congratulations, witnessed the football game history of the greatest. in February 6th super bowl, the new England patriots scored 19 points in the final section to complete the Jedi reversal to win the championship, Tom · with Brady proved to be record with the strength of married supermodel Giesse ndchen. China but for the audience, perhaps the game itself is still attractive than midfield star performer and advertising, while NFL in China only in the Super Bowl this genius will be remembered. these years, NFL Chinese alliance in order to pry open the market made many efforts, but these efforts are only in one day have to say, this sharp burst, perhaps NFL sorrow and football. NFL? Advertisement?? Advertisement?? Advertisement?? NFL held a Youth League football game in China. Budweiser when the length of a minute advertisement about the Anheuser Busch beer company (Budweiser manufacturer) co-founder of Anheuser Busch · came to the United States from Germany, to overcome all kinds of pressure, finally established the kingdom of beer story. NFL is not grounded in China?

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