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The official website of NFL |49 who will give strong rushed pass red big trouble | football 49 people in San Francisco will face Washington red skin this week. The 49 people's playoffs are so serious that the next game is not allowed to lose. In the recent 49 defense personnel and running through the regression has been getting better, this will be the team for the playoff guarantee on the this week, they have to face the red ball has been plagued with poor protection, quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) this season back in 52.1% by passing the overshoot pass pressure, of which 12.4% was killed, two items of data are the highest in the league. But even worse is the team left Jiefeng Trent Williams (Trent Williams) this week has been plagued by injuries this season, Williams will not play, the ball cover score for +6.3, just let the other get a sack from myself. Replace the appearance of Williams will be the rookie Morgan - Mose (Morgan Moses), +1.4 pass cover score in the face with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game last week, but this week he will face is poised to return soon Al - Smith (Aldon Smith), the pressure is not small. Alden - Smith at the end of the 10 match ban last week after the comeback, in the face of the giant game of the 8 successful quarterback to pressure, two of which hit the quarterback and six quarterback forced quick shot. On the other side, Aaron, Aaron Lynch also had 8 successful attempts cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , including 1 times of 7 attempts to win the quarterback. He scored +7.6 in the season and seventh in all 3-4 formation. Lynch and Smith's double goalkeeper is the biggest trouble in red skin.tiger June 24th news; this ranking is not open mouth, the author [not my row do not curse small editor] said: Winning field number, influence, current situation, coaching experience and future vision will be taken into account. 32. Anthony Lynn (Anthony Lynn) Losangeles lightning so many people have to have a bottom. To pick it up, Lynn, the coach and the coordinator's least experience, is in the position. ????????????????????????????????????-??????Greg Roman????????????????????????????????|????????????????? Lynn, who is a cunning and treacherous American team, will not be easy to teach. This is the most unpredictable situation for him: new city, new stadium, new (most difficult) zoning. 31. Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) Denver Mustang Although both of them had to compete with the leaders of Jack Del (Jack Del Rio) and Andy Reid ( Andy), Joseph was much better than Lynn. Joseph pays more attention to the defensive end training, combined with the proud talent of the wild horse defense group, which should be a perfect match to... (Joseph's Defense League 29 in the Miami dolphins last season). The score of the wild horse defense team was still inseparable from the former defense coordinator, Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips). 30. Sean (Sean McVay) Losangeles - macwhite ram McVeigh was very young, but don't pay attention to his age is good, with no one else had 31 years old like, don't talk when age discrimination ah, (` family )?. Macwhite past three years as offensive coordinator of the Redskins good offensive total ranking from 13 to 17 to third. Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) could become a privileged quarterback that could not be separated from him. Is it so important to develop a young quarterback? Let's ask Jared - GF (Jared Goff). 29. Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) buffalo Bill Mcdermott's present team has just recovered from a high rise. But the new general manager of the team, Brandon Bean (Brandon Beane), is Mcdermott's familiar face, who worked in Carolina. It is worth mentioning that, although he had never worked as a coach, but once the valiant record should not be wiped out: over the past eight years he has served as the coordinator of the eagle and the Panthers, to bring out the first ten levels of defense, which helped the team to the playoffs for five years. 〉The official website of NFL, pony coach Pagano, general manager of Grigson to stay, football wo , according to people familiar with the matter, as expected, the Indianapolis pony will leave Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson, Pagano Pagano. has not doubted whether he will return to next season after the end of the pony season. But Grieg didn't make the same statement. Jim, Jim Irsay also didn't say publicly whether Pagano and Grigson might return, but he hinted last month that this is possible. was defeated by the Oakland Raiders in the sixteenth week of the pony, so as to confirm the absence of the playoffs, yil said to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) that he did not think that great change would take place. Pagano has scored 49 - 31 in his 5 seasons with the pony. In the 3 consecutive seasons, the pony led the pony to win 11, 5 and 5. After 2014 season, the pony Championship went on to win 8, 8, and then did not enter the playoffs. Grigson became the general manager of pony in January 2012. He selected the quarterback Andrew Andrew (Luck Luck) and Pagano as general manager to help the pony pass the reconstruction period after Payton Manning left. failed to enter the playoffs last season despite the pony, Grigson in the offseason to contract with the team. However, it seems that the 2017 season will be the last chance that Pagano and Grieg have a chance to lead the pony to the playoffs. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The search for the Jacksonville Jaguar's chief is in progress. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the American tiger interview has coached the New York giants and jaguars coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin). The job may be coach Coughlin, also may be a competent team operating position. The report also pointed out that the current team coach Doug - Malone temporary (Doug Marrone), the new England patriots offensive coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) and the Miami dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) is a Jaguar might consider candidates. according to longtime assistant Kevin Brad Coughlin - Gil (Kevin Gilbride) said that the position of a certain attraction for the Jaguar, coughlin. He has a home in Jacksonville and some of his family still live in the area. Pay attention to family and Coughlin and family members can stay together may be the main attraction for him. coolin has four seasons in the playoffs in the first five seasons of the Jaguar and the two to stop the United States Championship. The Jaguars in the fourteen season after leaving Coughlin only two times in the playoffs. Former boss Gus - Bradley (Gus Bradley) was fired last week after only fourteen victories in his four season. 's attraction to Coughlin can, in some ways, be easily welcomed by Jaguar fans. Coughlin occupation career total record of 170 wins and 150 losses and two times won the Super Bowl champion. In an interview in recent months, Coughlin has expressed his interest in teaching and looks like age is never a factor for him to consider. He will be 71 at the start of the 2017 season.

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