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Automatic play switch auto play [official] the lightning man 35 year old student quickly review Wade career 35 best ball is loading... Tencent sports news Beijing time on February 27th, according to U.S. media reports of "thescore", a Florida killed in the previous Parke orchid city Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shootings in 17 years old fans, buried Dwyne Wade will wear jersey. Wade said it made him cry, but he was proud of what he had done in the state and the influence of his young people. 17 year old Jackie - Olivier, for Wade to return to heat is very excited. - Oliver Jackie Before the 13 season Wade occupation career playing in Miami, after he moved to the bull and the knight, then in the year before the trade deadline, he was traded to Miami knight. The return of but Olivier have no chance to enjoy his most love players, the Florida Parke orchid city Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school, unfortunately, has become one of the 17 victims of the shootings. , according to Oliver's parents, said Oliver was wearing Wade's shirt when he was killed, and he would also wear Wade's shirt when he was buried. It was obvious that this made Wade's feelings fluctuate, and he wrote on twitter, "this afternoon, you made me cry." Wade sounding In an interview with the Miami Herald, Wade described his feelings in detail in the Miami Herald today. "you cheap nfl jerseys free shipping really can't express it in words, you feel sad for the family." Wade said, "if you have the opportunity to communicate with them, you will hope that when he is alive, you can bring some joy and unforgettable things to his life. A story that his family and the people around you can talk about. Wade continued: "the thought of it made me fluctuate, and his parents felt he wanted him to be buried in my shirt. I am very proud of what I have done in this state and my influence on young people, so I am very grateful. " this vicious shootings occurred in the local time on February 14th at 14:30 or so, according to the police the Broward County State of Florida said the shootings caused 17 deaths and injuries. The police have caught the suspect about two hours after the shooting. The suspect, Nicholas Cruz, was about 18 years old, and had been in this high school. (Palm beat) this article is the exclusive manuscript of the Tencent sports. It shall not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.Kok Ben - Ben wicket (Bene Benwikere) had three NFL teams last season. In 2017, he came to his fourth hosts. , according to multiple reports, will sign the tiger with the tigers at the end of the wrapper's training ground. At the start of last season, was the first starter of the Panther. But Julio - Jones took 300 yards in the fourth game against the falcons, and then he was fired by the Panther. After that, Ben Vicky went to the dolphins, but did not play, so he went to the Green Bay Packer's training ground. tigers, Delhi Kirk Patrick (Dre Kirkpatrick) is about to enter the free market. Adam Jones (Adam Jones) has been in recent lawsuits, and whether it can return to the competition has become a problem. While the first round of the 2016 show William - Jackson (William Jackson) the rookie of the year in the injured reserve list spent, so tigers cornerback position in the offseason with uncertainty.1972 Miami dolphins perfect season, the team members will celebrate the end of each season in a final victory streak team. In the case of a record 3 eight - war teams this year, their champagne celebrations would have to wait a little longer. 's dolphin manager, Don Shula, actually wanted his son Mike to teach the Carolina panther to win 19 - 0. "I would be very proud of that," shoula said to the Carolina media about the potential of the Panther's total victory. "I want to see the Panther do this. I support them, of course. " Mike Shula, a black panther attacking coordinator, is commended for making a group of offensive teams that have not been dealt with by Mike. The team's advantage and with comfort, more than the other team by punching ball and let the quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) is a can make the right choice and the position of attack. The Panther got 28.5 points in the season, fourth in the NFL, and the first to attack the ball. The score of 228 points was the highest score in the first eight games of the Panther team.does not know that you have been asked to be asked, "so, what are you doing?" Sometimes it's hard to explain it. Everyone thinks he knows what a professional athlete does, but do we really know? We have been selected for the 2 time in Pro Bow and participated in the 45 Super Bowl champion Greg Jennings to tell us what he is doing, and we said that we didn't use those cliches. "Hey, man, do you know that Brett sometimes breaks the fingers of the catcher?" when I came to the packaging team as a new show in 2006, Brett Favre was our quarterback. When I first stepped into the team training camp, I immediately knew his reputation as a fast gunner. everyone would ask me if I had enough hands enough. "Brett? He passes the ball fast and ruthless, buddy, you'd better be ready. I did my best in that summer. Every day I clutched my grip or clutching the rubber clay everywhere, and I tried every means to prepare myself so that I could catch Brett's bullet pass in the cold blue fort stadium. is a true story: a few days before the draft, I received several teams phone. When I use the Nextel mobile phone has a flip, caller ID telephone area code 920, the Green Bay number. I still remember clearly before I picked up the phone and thought: Oh, God, I've been living in Michigan for a lifetime, let me go to a warm place. But I still got the phone. It was a few coaches of the packers, and we talked happily for a while. , on the second day, I went to breakfast with my good friend Jerome Harrison (he also took part in the draft). Then we suddenly said, "OK, where do you want to go for all your teams? I said Green Bay let me get away from the cold and let me see some sunshine. naturally, in a draft day, my Nextel and light up to 920 region code, my heart almost stopped. When I picked up the phone and heard the manager say to me, "we're going to choose you, Greg, would you like to be a Green Bay Packer?" I answered, "absolutely!" to tell you the truth, it was a wonderful moment, but I was still a child, and I still didn't realize how I would change my next life. I was wearing a XXL T - shirt and 38 jeans, and that's all my clothes, that's so embarrassing. so when I entered the team training camp, I was just like a silly boy. The first day I walked into the dressing room and saw the number 4 standing in front of me. It was very real. really, in the University, I have been relying on their ability to exercise good beat cornerback each other, I ran a lot of short, oblique line, screen 〉

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