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Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni · by the back injury since the first speech to report their injury, at the same time for the four rookie quarterback Mike made · success of Prescott's statement, the following is the speech copy: The first half of the season that I with emotion is significant misstatement. For me, it broke my heart when I had the best team to get hurt in my career. Then I realized that my absence was not 3-4 weeks but a long 10 week, which was the second blow to me. In the rehabilitation process, I feel deeply ashamed, because I feel that all the teammates, fans and the team down, after all they are counting on you to lead them to win the championship. This is the responsibility of a quarterback. It is also the standard for people to evaluate a quarterback. I love my work and I still love it. but now you can only stand on the sidelines, not help the teammates to win the game, nothing can be done. You can only choose to face the reality at this time. The season is short, every game has chan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ged to treasure, the way to reach the peak of life is becoming narrower and narrower. Your potential successor has arrived, and you have spent the entire athletic career to achieve this position. But now, over 35 plus two consecutive injuries, the press is starting to gossip and people start to doubt you. Now we're going to come back and you'll feel like you're an outsider. It's a pity that the coaches are going to this step, but they have to teach the team without you. Perhaps the darkest hour in the dark abyss, you will feel sad, frustrated, feel marginalized, and then ask yourself why it will happen on your own head. You won't realize who you are at this time. you see Rugby as an elite rule. Rome is not built in a day, you have to strive for progress every day to improve yourself to prove yourself, this is NFL, this is rugby. One great example is ·, Prescott, and what he has done. He became our quarterback through his efforts. Although it is easy for me, I have to admit that he is fit for this position. It was very difficult for him to lead the team to a 8-1 great record. If you have one second that I don't want to be involved, it's because you have never realized the kind of ecstasy you can bring. The desire for all this in my heart has not gone away, in fact, more intense than ever. It's not easy for to stand on the sidelines and watch it all the time. I think anyone can imagine this feeling. But I used to be like him, to get the chance, to show up and to prove myself. I always remember this feeling, it was like last night, the experience was really incredible. The most memorable thing I remember is all those who helped me at that time. Now I can give him the same kind of help. I've been doing it all the time and will do it all the time. As we all know, our team is very good now, I will never let anything disappear.Denver Mustang Anker (Aqib Talib) - Taila because Indianapolis pony by hand to poke in Sunday's game in Dwayne - Allen (Dwayne Allen) eyes are further punishment. this is not only a penalty, but his foolish behavior also leads to the loss of the wild horse. was a pony attack, a running game time, 3 minutes left, von Miller (Von Miller) had a dispute with Allen, when two people pushing each other, tlen came poked Allen eyes. After was sentenced to Taila personal fouls, which also helped the pony get code number and the success of the time control in the remaining 28 seconds. In the end, the pony won by 27 to 24.this week, there was a stunning scene in the race of the saints. In a kick-off, the saints running back Daniel Rascoe (Daniel Lasco) injured, stretcher. helmet hit Bill Rascoe return Brandon Tate (Brandon Tate) of the thigh, after falling down. Other saints players quickly find the medical personnel for emergency treatment, after the ambulance sent the stadium lascaux. was carried out at Lascaux pricked up his right thumb. Then the team confirmed that he was injured in the spine, but his limbs were still conscious. The team doctor Mike Hartmann (Michael Hartman) will accompany him to the hospital.Houston Dezhou defensive end Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney due to wrist / elbow injuries and not travel to the green bay. Klauni is the best defensive player in Dezhou this season. When teammate J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) was put on the list of injury reserve after being put on the back of the September at the end of September, he filled the vacancy. in 11 games this season, made 3 sacks clowney 34 tackles. The number of escapement that he has led to the number of lost codes is fourth in the league. Kelaoniben season has no fixed position, mainly from outside linebacker to be moved as a defensive end. On the perimeter guard John (John Simon Simon) by chest injury cases, clowney as more outside linebacker in the last two games. Klauni has also been suffering from injuries during his first two seasons. In the rookie season, he had a severe knee injury and had two operations to treat the post meniscus tear. last season, he was absent because of a back injury and a right foot tarsal joint operation. Klauni has not been out of play this season, despite his elbows and wrist injuries.

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