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The all star game, eyebrows brother cousins wearing Jersey No. 0 debut, test God because of a foot injury missed the all star, in such a way as the eyebrows brother brother dreams, also called a story. NBA but the history there have been many good brothers for head or something for the people, it is really the surface of brother or brother? Follow the step up and look at it. one O'neal and Kobe In 2002, Kobe and Miller had been banned from a physical conflict. In protest against unfair punishment, O'neal played in the Kobe's shirt and played for 35 minutes. It's not easy for a brother to be so. Although Shaq and Kobe finally, but the 2009 All Star game part company each going his own way, Kobe and Shaq's animosity. The surface is only temporary, but the brother is forever. two and James Varejao Vallejo is also the elders of the Cavaliers. When the chivalry team renewed their contract, there was a dispute with Vallejo, which led to Vallejo's absence for one or two months. When Vallejo finally got a chance to come out, the fans at home had booed Vallejo to greet him. When knew about it, James found the coach and asked for a substitute to play with Vallejo. As a result, the fans also have a home court Meng, James and Vallejo play together in it can. But later entered the Varejao warriors, have a good brother also became enemies.The official website of NFL | cousins sluggish performance defeat in the | football giants Redskins home court Beijing time in September 26th, the New York giants easily defeated Washington's red skin with 45:14 on the road. The whole game red attack problem, the audience sent a total of 6 turnovers, only reluctantly come to grief. Red soon after the opening encounter ball, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Redskins quarterback Kirk - cousins (Kirk Cousins) by the giant player - Jiwannuka Macias in the 24 yard line (Mathias Kiwanuka) captured and killed after dropping the ball, the giants win the ball. Then the giants quarterback Eli Manning quickly enter the state, in the first half with 5 yard line successfully with a tight end Larry - Donnell (Larry Donnell) completed a touchdown. Since then, little Manning and Donnell have been connected continuously. At the beginning of the second quarter, little Manning once again finds Donnell to complete the 6 yards array, and the giant set the leading edge with 14:0 as early as possible. Kirk had been unsuccessful Cousins (Kirk Cousins) back in the middle of the second quarter, the Redskins by successive pass and move steadily, finally by wide receiver Andrew Roberts (Andre Roberts) receiving touchdowns, pulled one back. But then Manning third times in the red region found donnall once again opened the score. Before the middle season, Niles Niles Paul was hit by the concussion of concussion, and the Rogan Paulson (Logan Paulsen) replaced the ball before the giant red area, which made the red leather miss the opportunity to catch up. The giant entered the second half with a 24:7 lead. came back in the second half, and the red leather seemed to find the attack rhythm. Once again, through the efficient running, combined with running Alfred Alfred (Alfred Morris) completed the 20 yards of the touchdown, and the score is coming closer. But this is not to host the game's last crazy, then Kirk - cousins turned into a nightmare in 8 minutes in 3 passes was steals, instead the giants still played a 17 point lead into the full of sound and colour, the last day. The fourth section of the giant is still not relaxed offensive pace, not good at running Eli Manning even completed a rushing touchdown. Cousins continued to be in the doldrums, and the fourth of the Games had been copied, and the hope of winning the red skin was completely lost. Then the game entered the real garbage time, and finally the score was fixed at 45:14 the game Eli Manning fire, came 300 yards and 4 touchdowns and one rushing touchdown, he also became the first in 1962 to face red giants quarterback came 4 touchdowns.Beijing time, December 2nd, the NFL regular season thirteenth weeks ushered in the eastern part of the United States Civil War. In the end, the Miami dolphin, who was a guest in New York, defeated the New York jet at 16:13 with a fourth quarter final free kick. After the opening of , the jet propelling the ball to the half court with a solid road surface. But Geno Smith failed to pass the two row in a row, and it could only be concluded by the discard kick. The dolphin is rapidly being "three strikes". The jet that takes back the ball is continuing to attack on the basis of the road surface. Finally, the Greg Greg Salas uses the outer hand reverse stroke strategy to complete the 20 yard ball to reach the goal, and the jet 7-0 takes the lead in scoring. The dolphins played 10 offensive 57 yards in the next wave of offensive, but eventually kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) - 43 yard free kick misses. second, the jet with the ball is played 10 offensive, but in the short three yards failed, only kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) kicked 40 yard free kick, leading 10-0 jets. The dolphin is still in a state of sluggish attack and plunged into the 123 - gear kick again. The jet went to the free kick range again after a subsequent attack, but Falk's 48 yards free kick missed the attack, and the attack group's 14 shift and 64 yards' efforts failed. In the last 3 minutes of the first half, the dolphins managed to organize an effective attack, Ryan Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) continuous line more than receivers, help Sturgis hit a 43 yard free kick in the last 4 seconds, the first half score for dolphins and 3-10 jet. In section third of , the first to hold the ball in midfield dolphins after adjustment, pass and move, but the jets defense group completed three defense in the red edge, the dolphins again hit the 44 yard free kick, score close to 6-10. Jet Road Attack step, but failed again in the three short code, Falk do a 45 yard free kick, jet 13-6. The third section is then caught in a tug of war, the first 13 years of the dolphin show Bangyan Duhem - Jordan (Dion Jordan) blocked the jet's punt, but a Taer Sill in passing by the impact, running back Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) to take the low pass, but become a Volleyball Setter. Is the jets cornerback Darin Walls (Darrin Walls) steals. But the jet didn't catch the chance. In the third section, each side hit 1 free kicks, and the jet was 13-6 ahead of the fourth. in determining the outcome of the fourth quarter, both sides played more and more anxious, the dolphins offensive team finally recovered, the jets defense group also figured out today to run the basic ball attack gate. The dolphin was first made by the runner Miller to finish 4 yards of the ball. The jet also came to the free kick with a foul on the dolphin, but Falk was in a bad state today and missed another 45 - yard free kick. 〉Bowling |2017 Jiahe Ruifeng Cup National Youth Bowling Championships opening at 16:30 this afternoon, 2017, the opening ceremony of Jiahe Ruifeng Cup National Youth Bowling Championships is held in Shandong Zibo maiye world six floor, Bing Ling Bowling Club. August 8th is the National Fitness Day, the opening day of the youth Bowling Championships is perfect. 2017 Jiahe Ruifeng Cup National Youth bowling tournament, sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, China Ball Bowling Association, Shandong Bowling Association, Zibo Sports Bureau, Zibo Sports Federation Wu Bing Bowling Club Co hosted, Ji'nan City, Jiahe Ruifeng Technology Development Co. Ltd. the title, the highest level for the first time in the city of Zibo bowling events held. the national teenage Bowling Championships reached 148 athletes, the largest size of the junior high - level events for the last ten years. Dozens of teams from 23 regions in the country will be divided into youth group, U16 and U12. In a week's competition, they will compete for men's and women's single, double, four person team, all-round, elite, men's and women's competitions, skills competition and so on. leadership address Secretary General of China Bowling Association, Minister of the ball sports management center, athlete swore referee swore kick-off ceremony: Team photo after the opening ceremony of sing the National Anthem: kick-off: After the opening ceremony, two low age group skills competition will be carried out first after the opening ceremony of the U12, U16 skills competition moment The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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