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even-even soccer equipment network Holland Alkmaar Club officially announced the new season 2014-15 team jerseys, New Jersey to sponsored by Italy brand Macron. Away Jersey and Jersey home court adopted the same template, lazy design. The difference between the shirt and the home is just the difference in color. second Away Jersey is the same color template, just to do the adjustment. Three sets of shirts and the same template, it seems that the treatment of the small team is not to be paid attention to.saints at 23:17 pony The saints star four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) came out of the season for the first time this season, leading the team to reek pony on the road. In this game, Bracey 15 to 9, with 2 touchdowns, it seems that his injury has recovered completely. By Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram.jr), Pierre Thomas (Pierre Thomas), Cory Robinson (Khiry Robinson) who composed the "run health committee" (referring to more than cheap nfl jerseys free shipping running backs take turns playing) although no touchdowns Houston, but obtained good data. The second half, the lineup to hold the leading edge of the lineup, the end of the fourth quarter by rookie kicker Derek Di Mukesh hit the 45 yard free kick, killing the pony's reversal of hope. As for the pony, the substitute runner Dan Herron was excellent, and the 8 shot was 68 yards. red skin at 17:23 Raven The crow's defense team has restricted the sluggish red skin attack since the pre - season. The Redskins offensive team the main force in the 3 preseason game has not yet made any touchdowns. Crow heavy new aid Smith took over Steve (Steve Smith) and four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) Peigemoqi, took 6 catches for 80 yards (two figures are the highest audience), and made 1 receptions for touchdowns but 1 times off the ball. The first round show C.J. Mosley (C.J.Mosley) has 1 copies. The red main quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) performs poorly. In the 8 pass 5, only 20 yards are pushed forward and a copy is cut off. The state is worrying. Brown 14:33 ram goats won at home, but the main quarterback, the 2010 champion Lang Sam - Bradford (Sam Bradford) knee injury left the field. Johnny Manny Georgi (Johnny Manizel) reap 7 yards of the ball, which is his first shot at NFL. But he was twice by the rookie of the goats, NFL first player Michael - Sam escapement. Austen Davies - ram backup quarterback (Austin Davis) in the main injury case back to Chris Givens stepped in, respectively (Chris Givens) and Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick) sent a touchdown pass. The third ram conversion rate as high as 12/19, the advantage in time on the ball, the way ahead.438 yards passing 2 touchdowns, data from the point of view is a good play, but Payton Manning's team in 21-43 to defeat rival Foxborough patriot, his play is quite unsatisfactory. this is probably the worst in the Manning occupation career single game 400 yards, Billy a complex defensive tactics to let Manning pass was intercepted twice. Manning said to team broadcaster Dave Rogan after the game: "I'm really bad tonight!" Without any excuse, I wouldn't say it was an accident. I have to do better in the training and competition in the aftermath. " The latter said, "never heard him so reproach." perhaps because of defeat in the sixteenth meetings with Brady and let Manning so. Moreover, the game, to a certain extent, decided the initiative of the two teams in the final home of the United States. This is not a good news for Manning, who is not good at low temperature operations.The official website of NFL | quarterback Fraco crow knee injury recovery | football in a disastrous, after an injury plagued season 2015, Baltimore crow is a hot team back to the playoffs in the next season. the last season injured players are expected to return at the start of the new season, the same four points and the team will return Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco), he is still in recovery from November last year suffered knee anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament tear. The recovery is still very, very good. Over the past three weeks, I have started to feel a lot of progress. I feel very good, Flacco said Tuesday. I can do a lot of everything. It's just how well I can do and whether I'll feel a little lame. has resumed running training, but the veteran quarterback admits he can't run or run at full speed. He also said he is not more than 15 yards away at the moment, but is approaching it. unless the injury aggravated, Flacco is expected to be able to fully recover in before the start of the season - even before the start of training camp can. This is another team that we think the crows have made great achievements in the north of the United States, no matter what the new season has happened in the last season.

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