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Jaron - Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey) grew up in Nashville city of Tennessee, but that's not why he wanted the Tennessee Titans makes him a draft of the NFL this year. , a former Florida State University defender, wants to be the top player because he believes he is the best player in the talent show. "This is what I have always dreamed of," Ramsey said on Tuesday. "This is the goal I've been fighting for, and I want them to pick me because they know I'm the best player in the show this year and I'm from Tennessee. That's just a fancy. " "I want them to really think I'm the best player in the show. I really feel I am and I feel I will be in the measurement of camp, in my day, and they want to show me or need to show when no matter what ability I can continue to show up, I will continue to show that." The 6 - foot - 1 - inch, 209 - pound Ramsey of Ramsey, of course, proved to be one of the best players in the country during his three year college career. He selected th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e best team in the United States three degrees in a number of institutions and 23 times to destroy the ball, 3 times to force the ball, 3 pass the pass and 5 escapement. is considered to be the best player in the show this year. If not the University of Mississippi offensive tackle pull - Searle (Laremy Tunsil Remy Tang) mobile and flexible, Ramsey is recognized as the best player for this year. Ramsey served as a cornerback, safety and cornerback ability slot - and at every location -- let him play well in the league now takes to attack the huge February this year we still vaguely remember Jared - Alan (Jared Allen) unrestrained retirement video. recently the master of the escapement finally signed a day with the old Minnesota Vikings to ensure that he could retire in Minnesota. 4 14 Viking twitter released the news, the Viking manager said in an interview: "we are very honored to be able to let Alan again become a member of us, he is not only an example of the players and the fans, the most popular player, he will always be a part of us." Alan's career completed 136 quarterback killing, 83.5 of which were completed during the Viking period. Alan's occupation career began in the emirate of Kansas, after 6 seasons spent in the Vikings, he was thought to be the future is one of the greatest Vikings 50 players, after he went to the Chicago bears, last season in the Carolina Panthers his occupation career will come into contact with the first organic super bowl finals.this year's free players will be able to get a big contract. Malvin Jones (Marvin Jones) to 5 year $40 million contract after he joined the Detroit lions, tigers in Cincinnati when his teammates, receiver Mohammed (Marvin Jones) - Thanou to 5 year $32 million 500 thousand contract with the Atlanta falcons. has a lot of wage cap space, the urgent need to strengthen the external relay and the free agent market choice is very few to make the non top foreign contacts also get a big contract. is an excellent physical quality Sanou receivers, also can undertake the task to punch the ball, in his career and 5 pass attempts and all success. Sanou career best season in 2014, when he was in the starting 13 and finished 56 times the ball 790 yards and 5 touchdowns that season - Jones. The first 4 games last season Thanou finished 33 catches for 894 yards but did not get a touchdown. in the Falcon, compared to the most recent cut Roddy White (Roddy White), can upgrade over Thanou position, but in the 4 season he played in the tigers, Thanou have played in a long time of silence and plagued by problems at the ball. He is the most suitable exon three took over the role, but his salary is high as No. two over. maybe the contract is too big, but the falcons need to upgrade their locations and they have signed one of the best options on the market. Thanou can have a large number of playing time and Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) partner, Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) will serve as the No. three over.The official website of NFL | ray Rice in shoulder injury 2 days after returning to training | football field Beijing August 17th, Baltimore crow in the preseason to 37 to 30 victory over the Dallas cowboys, crow running back ray - Rice (Ray Rice) because the shoulder was injured, according to the Baltimore Sun reported two days ago, he went back to the stadium began Monday training. ???????????????????|?????????2????????7????NFL??????-????????????????????????????????2????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|??????????????̦ As a result of their marriage, Rice avoided a criminal investigation in May. , at the beginning of his rookie season, the 27 year old runner has just passed his worst sixth career. Last season's 660 yards and the only 4 touchdown were the worst in history, and the average promotion of 3.1 yards was a new career low.

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