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The first January 8, 2017 Beijing time Sunday morning 5:302016-17 season opened the curtain of the wild card playoff week: 12 - 4 in the American League West Second Oakland Raiders at NRG stadium, challenge 9 wins and 7 losses the AFC South champion Houston Dezhou team. This is the fourth time Houston Dezhou made the playoffs last season in team history, they also to the AFC South champions of the playoffs, but in the wild card round was eliminated; the people of Dezhou on a win in the playoffs or 2012 season in the wild card round, when they defeated the Cincinnati tigers at 19:13. By contrast, it was the first time that the Oakland Raider had been in the playoffs for the first time since the thirty-seventh Super Bowl was lost to Tampa Bay pirates in the 2002 season. The two team this season has played a regular season tournament in Mexico for eleventh weeks, the Raiders in the Aztec Stadium (Estadio Azteca) "away" 27:20 victory over Dezhou. In this game, Tom quarterback Dezhou Savage (Tom Savage) will miss the match because of concussion. Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) has returned t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o the first place. As the substitute quarterback for the Super Bowl champion of the Denver wild horse team last season, osweller had the first chance to start the playoffs for the first time. Raiders, the first quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) season reimbursement, substitute quarterback Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein (Matt McGloin) also cannot start because of injury, the 2016 four round show Connor Cook (Connor Cook) career debut debut. He took the first start or 2015 season for the Michigan State University's Cotton Bowl match against the University of Alabama in the NCAA playoffs. Plus the main left Jiefeng bin Donald (Donald Penn) to play because of injury, Connor Cook will face an unprecedented challenge today. the start of the game, the Dezhou team home court battle attack first, Bullock Oswald vhailor continuous proximal short front Ryan Griffin (Ryan Griffin), to get the first attack. In Dezhou the first half, Aus Ville could not convert the third gear, the people of Dezhou had to punt. Connor Cook led the debut, they soon three out, punter Marquardt King (Marquette King) only played 31 yards. Dezhou people in the Raiders half court ball, kicker Nick Novak (Nick Novak) hit 50 yards free kick, Dezhou people 3:0 lead. Raiders offensive team again, Connor Cook's short 2014 Zhuangyuanlang Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney destroyed himself firmly clowney caught the ball, this is his first career steals record. Subsequently, Dezhou people run Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) on the left side of the ball 4 yards easy to score, Dezhou people 〉The official website of NFL | Steelers President Te Blunt is right: cut | football former Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) in the team was cut back, choose to join the new England patriots. Now, he has joined the new team in the super bowl. In the American League finals, Blount tribute, he rushed the ball 148 yards with 3 touchdowns. for Blount's excellent play, President Rooney Duarte Steelers (Art Rooney) said that the player sacked is the right decision for the team: no one wants to happen in the middle of the season, but we have to order the whole season's success to make such a choice. We don't worry about where he will go after leaving the team and how it will be. We just want to make sure that the team can grow up healthily, and that his decision is right. We want to be able to use more suitable players at every position. Although the run - Baer (Le Weile viand Veon Bell) throughout the season well, but he in the American League wild card race due to injury, perhaps it is the most important reason for the team has been eliminated. It's hard to imagine that if Blount remained in the team, it would be different. Anyway, the Steelers made you think the right decision, Blount also found a new state in the patriot. Maybe it's a good decision for all 3 parties.is trying to build a junior league professional American Football League against NFL, which itself is an adventurous business attempt. USFL is one of the most successful development of American Football League, but in the successful operation after 4 seasons was declared closed, wrestling with the American Football League XFL mixed runs only one season declared closed, United Football League is a development alliance recently but the player wages and location the fans in shortage areas and inevitable failure. MLFB (Major League Football) has recently become an attempt to complete the operation of the spring League league, before they plan to start this spring, but this should be determined before in February March to invest $20 million no injection, the alliance had announced their 2016 season extension. spokesman said: "we get a lot of positive reply, they give us a lot of support for the fund, including the $20 million investment, we plan to make it all work, but now we have to first choice but to protect ourselves."obviously Mike Evans (Mike Evens) is the true love of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel). two is a friend in the university period. After graduation, Manzel became a backup quarterback in Cleveland, and Evans took over as a pirate in Tampa Bay, Brown. The separation of does not mean that two people are no longer connected. Recently Evans watched the match with Manzel's shirt at the alma mater's court. And this dress is Manzel Brown's shirt. estimated the pirate fans to have an opinion.

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