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| Chinese handball Handball Association with three units of contract to build a women's handball team less | hand Association Luca January 23rd, Chinese Handball Association and the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Weifang Sports Bureau, Kuiwei District Education Bureau and the National Youth Women's handball team cooperation signing ceremony was held in Shandong Weifang Yuhua school. aims to strengthen the construction and training of our excellent handball reserve talents, and build a national team, the national youth team -- the national team - "dragon talent training system". , the State Sports General Administration Center bangleiqiu hand song Lei Jun, deputy director, director Meng Wei Peng Ning and Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Weifang Municipal Education Bureau, Weifang Municipal Sports Bureau, Kuiwei district government, Kuiwei District Education Bureau, Weifang Yuhua school leaders attended the signing ceremony, and the meeting will build related matters, to reach the consensus. (Graphic provided / Chinese Handball Association Yao Feng)The official website of NFL | Brady career record number of patr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping iots in the home court yard | tigers Rugby in the morning of October 6th Beijing time, the new England patriot defeated the visiting Cincinnati tigers at home, and won the fifth week, day, night and night match. Win this game made last week by the slaughter of the chief patriots swept away the haze, but also means that the tiger streak cracked. It is worth mentioning that the game patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) from 292 yards, the milepost career passing yards 50000+. is different from the first few weeks of slow, this game a patriot to quickly enter the state, with all the way into the tiger region through continuous run before the first quarter to 10 minutes left, starting running back Stephen Ledley Patriot (Steven Ridley) on the left out of the 1 yard touchdown, the Patriots made the initiative. On the contrary the tiger attack is difficult, the first wave of attack finally stumbled to promote the Patriot half 34 yards, the tigers kicker Mike. Jane (Mike Nugent) is an unexpected force shortage when shooting, try not to succeed. Back to the Patriots continue to put pressure on the tiger defense group, or through the combination of the tigers run smoothly into the red zone, and the proximal winger Tim Wright (Tim Wright) with 17 yards passing touchdowns Brady completed. At the end of the first festival, patriots set up the advantages of 14:0. At the beginning of the second quarter, the attack stalled, the referee has become the protagonist of the game, 6 minutes of continuous Chuifa both sides were 7 fouls, the tigers also rely on the continuous efforts of gifts to advance, by Jane scored a 23 yard shot, scored the game's first tiger. The rapid advance of shooting and the Patriots scored 3 points, to the left 1 minutes and 17 seconds, but the first half sealed tigers star receiver A.J. Green (A.J.Green) then sent gift, he received a quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) did not protect the ball right after passing that was the top patriots cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) manufacturing dropped the ball, the Patriots linebacker Jamie Corinth (Jamie Collins) then quickly won the ball, the Patriots won the tiger attack in the red zone opportunities within before half-time and eventually again by star kicker Stephen kousky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) completed a 19 yard drive. The Patriots took a 17 point lead to the halftime rest. When came back in the second half, the game changed quickly. The third section is to have 11 minutes and 32 seconds, Dalton line receiver Mohamed (Mohamed Sanu) - Thanou completed a 37 yard touchdown, the score will be back at 10:20. In return, patriots pass through successful reading.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL NFL survey showed three reported in rugby players involved in doping innocent nest in the Al Jazeera reported NFL players use doping investigation, NFL announced the Green Bay Packers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Julius (Julius Peppers) - peipers and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) and do not use or get any drugs. The Alliance said in a statement on Wednesday: to conduct a comprehensive inspection in the production by Al Jazeera USA documentary made after allegations that NFL did not find any credible evidence of drug Pittsburgh Steelers - James Harrison and the Green Bay Packers Craig - Mathews and Julius - to get peipers or used by the NFL-NFL players union set the performance enhancing Drugs Ordinance prohibited. three players participated in an interview last week. The survey, which started this month, was led by the NFL security and legal team, with the support of expert consultants and other athletes. The survey includes interviews with witnesses, review of past records and other materials, electronic search, laboratory analysis and review. reported on Al Jazeera television, the three players, quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and free agent linebacker Mike Neal (Mike Neal) has been accused of doping. The Alliance announced Manning's innocence in July, but the alliance has yet to announce the details of Neal's investigation. this documentary for all players involved are not well, especially for Manning, Harrison, and Mathews peppers. The four people have never been tested positive for a drug test.

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