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When a fall in the HUD football dream on the road, and therefore many people and tears wet skirts. and the heartache, is undoubtedly the Florence fans. They hold high signs at the funeral to express their last respect for the captain. The League also officially announced, will be in the weekend league jerseys for all teams because of the name of astoria. "Viola" Captain Astoria's funeral was held in Florence. Picture visual China, Oriental ICCaptain 3 on the 4 day, the original Astoria in normal to follow the team ready to participate in the games, but was found dead in a hotel room. to Astoria off players. to come off the fans. and the fans have come to farewell. It was reported that more than two thousand fans came to the church on the day of the funeral. Many people try to touch his hearse, make a last contact with him. especially Tiewei cry for himThe day before the funeral atbuffalo's raging snowstorm has caused many buffalo Bill fans to miss the weekend's match with the New York jet fleet. But Jackson, who did not miss 1 home games in 21 years, did not give up the plan: "do you think cheap nfl jerseys free shipping I will not go to Detroit?" Ken Jackson Friends and team staff are worried that I will miss the game, but I won't do what they think. Johnson is a programmer. He prepared to go out to watch the ball at the beginning of the heavy snowfall. Now he will go to Greater Rochester International Airport in New York to wait for the flight. If it doesn't arrive, he will drive to the scene for 5.5 hours. Johnson added, although usually together with him in the home court most fans to the scene, but he will enjoy watching the fun in a strange environment: in fact, this is also very cool, sometimes I love this thing to break the normal procedure for 20 years, I have been sitting with friends in a beer the ball, you need this happening or no story."pirates will use all methods to help the top player jemis Winston (Jameis Winston) develop better, including virtual reality technology (VR). pirate's offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter (Dirk Koetter) said, "this will be good for Winston's learning tactics, so we will try to use this technology." And Winston himself said, "I have never used this technology before, and I know that the cowboy has been used before, which will help me get a better grasp of the tactical idea." but the biggest problem at the moment is that the pirates haven't found the right system. "The staff told me that it would take some time to debug," Curt said. I said, no, I need jemis to be able to use it right away. " It is believed that this technology will be used by more NFL teams in the near future.Atlanta falcons 26-13 Losangeles rams opening the two sides on the teeth, a pair of defense. This season has 29.1% rams is the probability of false run pass, the highest in the league, so the Falcon line guards all regardless of GF the backward pass the ball to Gly, all firmly hold the middle, middle linebacker Duhem Jones is gambling can catch up on Na G Jilly's possession, gambling has proven very successful, plus this season Falcon group rushed from the upgrade, they can pass at four, leaving a few people up against the back ram receivers, so the rams offensive don't move. , while the ram kicked Johnny, Haeckel, every time the discard kicked, the falcons' attack position was very uncomfortable. The falcons wanted to use the ball to enter the game, but simply the offensive front line fell to the full disadvantage, so that Devon TA Freeman had no vitality at all. In the pass attack, Aaron, Donald and Robert Quin were the two leaders to interfere with Matt Ryan, the destruction of Jiao Wei Troy, and the defense of rams was also successful. alone talk about Aaron Donald, who still questions when he first defender position, this game is a slap in the face, on the right side of the left guard position you Falcon garland, because this is a main left Jiefeng Andy Leavitt in match reports and go to the top of the bench, a defense group can be two the "two knife", the light is the first half Donald quickly destroyed Garland's self-confidence, 10 first half red pass pressure, Ryan ran out of pocket countless hard ball. is the turning point of the game followed: this season NBA season a male star return manual labor - Cooper did not draw mistakes in punt return in the first lesson, at the end of the kickoff return Cooper again by the opponent off the ball, the Falcon launch a new attack on the rams offense in the first half, the falcons highly compressed not playing well and it is practical! The regular season falcons offensive coordinator Sacchi questioned in Xi'an began to make adjustments, the reverse jet screen Julio punches the ball and Freeman Ryan, the use of fake books ran the ball quickly, the Falcon began to use defensive routines to deal with RAM group, the final star center Arrakis Mark will be running back Freeman hold into the end zone, is just a note of array, but with the previous two free kick, Falcon 13 has 0 lead, that the secret service ram Ho, 13 points in this war to 10 responsible. Inferior 13 points in a defensive war is not small, Sean McVeigh is adjusted, let GF operation without taking poly attack, but the Falcon is still not a big problem, they will focus on defending Gly, plus the most reliable two rams offensive front ring left and left guard Roger Voss Jiefeng Kuwait - Safford repeatedly in a lost one battle, let the defender to solve Gly back, let the "leader" to play Hi, basic defensive success, for the leader of the ultimate limit.

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